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Online Reports

To enhance your leasing experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information as possible. It is essential that you be aware of all aspects of the leasing process before making a major decision. Whether it be through newsletters, checklists or news articles, we are here to make this process stress-free, and be respectful of your time. The Online report will collect your raw information requirment and I will then interpret an allocation for commen areas and total space gross up. My design team can provide a more accurate and useful floor plan as we tour and prioritize locations.

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Reports To Assist with Market Analysis and Negotiation

Knowing current market conditions and using current market knowledge is a corner stone of our business model.

I subscribe to a number of commercial data bases which allows me to cross reference information and ensure a 

client is getting the best representation and negotiating power.

I provide the following reports for mandated clients;

  1. Building History
  2. Comparbale Building History Nearby
  3. Trends by Building Class
  4. Total Inventory Reports by District. 
  5. Net Present Value analysis
  6. Tenant incentive analysis

Furthermore, we have an Analyse that regularly calls around to get markert asking rates and Tenant inducements.

This allows us the building to look for trends and vacancy rates that show which Landlords are most motivated to


You will be sure to get the most with us and with our office leasing program, your business will be rewarded.

Dan Currie


Office Process- Let's get started


We want to meet and discuss your office needs. We are courteous, reactive and knowledgeable
about current office conditions. I will be able to quickly identify your needs and what details are important to you. Typically, Tenants are looking for good transit options, value, space layouts, and nearby ammenities. We can help you get the most for the least amount of rent.
We will be able to create a short list of available properties to tour. Every deal is unique and 
 I treat each one this way. 
Give me a call and we will setup an appointment to speak about your office needs.



The search for the right office space can be simple, when the process is managed by an

experienced agent, who listens to what your needs are. It is important to meet for a free consultation

long before your lease comes up for renewal. This way I can advising you on market conditions and

options are for your business. As your advocate, I will be able to negotiate on a new office space or use the

market knowledge and negotiate with your current landlord. The following are my rates I PAY for your business.

 For LEASE Minimum: 5 year term



I PAY you    $
2000- 3125
8750 +


1> Agency: Clients must be working under client mandate

2> I PAY on deals that are successfully negotiated and closed.

3> Assuming market rate commissions