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Land Banking

Our Brokerage has a relationship with the Largest North American Land Banking company. They have over 90,000 acres in developing areas. This company has been in business for 30 year assembling and rezoning farm land. They have developed a strong reputation that municipalities in the U.S. hire their services to plan the publicly land holdings. The business model is simple. They research areas that have influx migration of people. They look for areas that have a diversified economy. Once the research has been conducted and they are confident they can attain a strong position in the market. They approach farmers and buy their land 100s of acres at a time with cash. In many cases, they ask farmers to continue using and maintaining the land in exchange for paying the taxes on the property. They hold the property for a number of years. When the company believes that the edge of development is 2-4 years and in some projects 4-6 years away they syndicate the project to investors. Over the company’s history they have returned an average investment to investors of approximately 13% compounded annually* audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Furthermore, there is no debt in the company. I personally have holdings in a project in Arizona which makes me an investor too. This product is ideally suited for accredited investors; Doctors, Pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, business information to attend the next investor dinner at one of the top Steak Houses in the city. Contact me and I can direct you for more information on RRSP and RESP eligible product Real Estate based products that can be a profitable part of your retirement portfolio.  


Accredited Investors Only:  Proven 30 Year Track record audited by Price Water House Coopers

Aproximate weighted average annualized rate of return*:

13% (Compound)

about 20% (Simple)

The Strategy for success;   

1>  Research & Acquisition, Syndication, Concept Planning, Exit

Personal Strategies;

  • Diversify real estate investment
  • For people who build life savings around the home- there is no liquidity because they don’t want to sell. Therefore, house appreciates but this doesn’t translate into an increase in lifestyle
  • Borrowing on equity in home and investing in stock market diversifies them away from real estate which created wealth. Investing in land allows you to reinvest in real estate meanwhile diversifying by geography
  • RRSP eligible sheltering from taxes, and getting your Income tax back.
  • High growth fund to build other investments around

4 pillars of success;  Research & Acquisition, Syndication, Concept Planning, Exit

Notable attributes;

  • Company buys with cash. Therefore, no debt and no cash calls
  • $25,000 minimum investment
  • Group buying power,
  • Professional management and no monthly fees
  • Fees are built into the investment the returns are the actual returns into pocket
  • Worry free commercial investing

Where do we go from here;

We have monthly investment dinners at top Restaurants where you can be introduced to the company. If the investment, is of interest, A follow up meeting will introduce you  to the individual projects and it can be determined if this investment is right for you. 

U.S.and Canadian Projects are available;

Brant County, Can

Austin Texas, U.S..

Dallas Fortworth, U.S..

Arizona, U.S..

Atlanta Georgia, U.S..

California, U.S

 * All information is deemed reliable by Seller and this product is for accredited investors only. RE/MAX West brokerage or Daniel Currie does not making any representations about possible returns. The Accredited Sales Representative with the company will go through a check list to see if this investment is right for you and your portfolio as well as update the current results of past performance.




Water Rights


Assured Water Supply Print

The Assured Water Supply program was established as part of the historic 1980 Groundwater Management Act (the “Act”), which preserves, protects and promotes long-term water supply planning — a key to sustaining Arizona’s economic health.

Prior to the Act, the use of Arizona’s limited groundwater supply was unregulated, leading to overuse and negative impact on the environment.

Today, the state of Arizona prohibits development on land that does not have a Certificate of Assured Water Supply, which is an imperative step in the entitlement process.

To demonstrate an assured water supply, applicants must meet five criteria:

  1. Physical water supply for 100 years
  2. Water is legally available for 100 years
  3. Water supply is continuously available for 100 years
  4. Water is of sufficient quality for proposed use
  5. Applicant has financial capability to construct necessary infrastructure for water use